Cleaning work is virtually indispensable in most industries. Our cleaning products help every industrial business save time and maintain quality at a high level, and to simplify and cost-optimize the process within the value chain. The cleaning power is enormous, and the cleaners are versatile. They are advocates for issues such as occupational health and safety, eco and user-friendly applications, and the reduction of hazardous substances on the shop floor. Whatever the field – maintenance, plastic injection moulding, foodstuffs, transportation, traffic, logistics, automotive, CNC, crafts, energy, agricultural engineering or forestry, we offer perfect cleaning solutions where contamination is a universal issue.



Non-toxic, water based product, used to replace thinners and solvents for manual cleaning operations. It is fast drying and cleaning is residue free. The cleaner is non-inflammable, eco-friendly and suitable for all types of surfaces.


Quick drying residue free cleaner that is free of solvents and other harmful substances. Finds use in a wide range of areas such as metals, polished surfaces, plastics, upholstery and electronics. Suitable for removal of oils, stains, ink, soldering paste, gum etc.