Cleaning & Surface Technology

Biochem Surface Technology range of products are eco-friendly and they are an ideal substitute for conventional products like CFC’s and solvents. Our range of products are highly effective, conforming to the latest technological requirements and are user friendly not to mention that they are bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.



  • Effective replacement of solvents, acids and harmful chemicals
  • Water-based, dilutable up to 1:40
  • Does not contain volatile organic compounds
  • Versatile – can be used in manual, automatic & ultrasonic systems
  • Odourless
  • Non-explosive, Non-inflammable
  • Non-toxic, not carcinogenic
  • Free of phosphate and silicone
  • Surfactants (surface active agent) are biodegradable

Note : MSDS / PDS of products will be made available on request.


BioGeneral Purpose Cleaner "S"

Intensive foamless alkaline cleaning & degreasing agent for all industrial applications.

BioGeneral Purpose Cleaner "SV"

Viscous cleaner for removing intensive contamination of oil, grease and other residues. Suitable for use on perpendicular and vertical surfaces.


Strong alkaline cleaner used for removing hard residues especially for use in automatic & ultrasonic machines.

PowerSTAR "L"

Low intensity degreaser for use in automatic and ultrasonic machines.

AluSTAR 200

Intensive cleaner for use on soft metals such as aluminium, copper and brass.

AluSTAR 200 P

Specialised cleaner for use on soft metals with corrosion protection agent.

PowerCleaner DB

Bio Acidic cleaner for effective removal of rust, limescale and other inorganic residues.

BioNeutral Cleaner

pH neutral cleaner for all types for surfaces ranging from plastics, PCB’s, tools, equipments, etc.


Very intense degreaser capable of removing long-term residues, oils, greases, resins, and waxes.


OMNI MultiPlus

Versatile agent that loosens, cleans, protects and lubricates. It is free of hydrocarbon solvents and acids.   Can be effectively used for lubrication and for corrosion protection. It is pleasantly scented. Available in aerosol cans & in liquid form.


Low-foaming corrosion inhibitor for the neutral and alkaline cleaning. Contains 100% active ingredients and provides temporary corrosion protection for steel, iron and casting materials.

pH Neutralizer Acidic

Highly effective for neutralizing acidic mediums. Free of harmful substances.

pH Neutralizer Alkaline

Highly effective for neutralizing alkaline mediums. Free of harmful substances.



Non-toxic, water based product, used to replace thinners and solvents for manual cleaning operations. It is fast drying and cleaning is residue free. The cleaner is non-inflammable, eco-friendly and suitable for all types of surfaces.


Quick drying residue free cleaner that is free of solvents and other harmful substances. Finds use in a wide range of areas such as metals, polished surfaces, plastics, upholstery and electronics. Suitable for removal of oils, stains, ink, soldering paste, gum etc.