CB 100

CB 100 is water based cleaner that's made of coconut extracts with excellent dissolving properties. It is totally free of VOC and is foamless. Has a pleasant smell and is environmentally friendly. It is effective in removing strong contaminations such as rubber marks, wax residues, bitumen, grease, oil, carbon, soot, and pastes from steel, aluminium and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other surfaces. It can be used at room temperature and does not effect/damage the surface or properties of the material.

UNO – BioGeneral Purpose Cleaner

UNO – BioGeneral Purpose Cleaner is a cleaning and de-greasing liquid that can be used in industrial machinery and for equipment maintenance. The cleaner is foamless and can be used in high-pressure washing machines apart from manual cleaning.

UNO S – BioGeneral Purpose Cleaner

UNO S – BioGeneral Purpose Cleaner “S” is an intensive cleaning and de-greasing agent for effective removal of resinous oils, greases, color pigments and other hard residues. Can be diluted in water and used for removal of tough grease and oil. It can be used manually or in jet-spray machines.